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Micropenis videos


What is a micropenis ?
As a micropenis we define a normal penis that is way below the normal size. The micropenis condition is also known as microphalllus. In infants, the mean size of a penis is 2.8 to 4.2 centimeters in length with a circumference of about 0.9 to 1.3 cm.  These measurementis are obtained by carefully stretching out the  penis and measuring from head to base. An infant penis that  is 1.9 cm or less is considered to be a micropenis. Any adult with an erect penis of 9 cm or less is considered to have a micropenis.

What exactly are the causes of the micropenis condition?
The micropenis condition may occur alone, however it commonly appears in combination with various other hormonal ailments.The main causes are not fully explored and understood. What we know is that they are hormonal in nature and manifest sometime during pregnancy.

What are the symptoms of micropenis?
The main symptom of the condition is an exceptionally small penis. As mentioned before for infants that is a stretched penis of 1.9 cm or less and for adults an erect penis of 9 cm or less. However the condition is accompanied by other conditions (usually hormonal) and for this reason other symptoms may appear including:

  • low ejaculation count
  • infertility
  • obesity
  • man boobs
  • woman like traits (e.g. voice) 

Micropenis Images
Here  are some micropenis images if you wonder how the condition actually looks like! Well it looks really small :/

Who can diagnose the condition?
Diagnosis is typically made right after birth. If it is missed it can also be made during a quick physical exam by a doctor.

How can it be treated ?
The condition is best treated while the individual is still young. The individual is usually first seen by
numerous professionals like  a pediatric urologist. 

The most commonly used treatment is hormonal treatment during which various hormones and mainly testosterone are given via injections. In most cases these injections promote penile growth and in many babies a normal size penis is obtained after a certain period of time. However there are also cases that no growth is reported.

In adults hormonal treatment can’t be applied as the “time window” for penile growth has permanently closed. For them the only viable option is an expensive operation known as phalloplasty. There are reports of many people being successfully treated, however the operation is not risk free as there are many complications that may arise during and after it.